Rose Secret Water Series
Glamora Rose Secret Water Hydrating Toner Mist

Glamora Rose Secret Water Hydrating Toner Mist contains of 100% Pure Rose Extract essence. The essence is known for its mild astringent properties and simply beautiful aroma. This Hydrating Toner Mist is developed with a botanical blend of cleansing and soathing ingredients to gently remove the lingering traces of face cleanser and any trapped dirt, oil and make-up. It’s unique properties soothe and calm skin irritations, naturally brighten the skin while balancing the skin pH, and hydrating the skin thoroughly. It leaves your face feeling clean, fresh and glowing. Suitable for men and women.



Complete Removal of
Cleanser Remains & Dirt

Sooth & Calm Skin Irritation

Skin Brightening

Balance The
Skin PH


Clean & Minimize Pores

Direction Of Use

Step 1

Spray directly on face after cleansing and use a cotton pad to remove any dirt or excess cleanser.


Step 2

Let the toner air dry for hydration purpose.


Step 3

Best use twice daily, at morning and night. Then follow with serum that best suits your skin.


Additional application of moisturiser can be apply (if needed).

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